Skepchick Space Lab – 2015

One year there were some fancy drinks that glowed under black light. Then the next year there was the amazing Skepchick Cure-All, complete with a demo and history lesson, and party hats. This year… who knows? But there will be MORE OF IT.

Anne Sauer with four etched bottles in the Skepchick party room for CONvergence 2013. Photo by Jamie Bernstein.

If you love nerdy, geeky people, costumes, science, booze, and think that they are all great tastes that taste great together, you belong at SkepchickCon with us. I hope to see you there!
–  Skepchick resident mixologist Anne Sauer

Science activities and demos all day long! All ages welcome!*a skeleton wearing a multicolored lei and a folded paper hat with the Mad Art Lab logo on it. Photo by Jamie Bernstein.

There will be awesome experiments, skeptical salons, interesting discussions and, inevitably, spontaneous dancing. (Spontaneity will be unscheduled.) Seriously, there will be good stuff happening from noon until we fall asleep on the floor on Thursday, Friday and Saturday. Come on in!

*Evening activities may be more appropriate for an older subset of “all ages.” Alcohol will be served on the balcony. Donations are welcome and appreciated.


Schedule will be posted soon, but we’ll definitely be there!