Skepchick Space Lab

One year there were some fancy drinks that glowed under black light. Then the next year there was the amazing Skepchick Cure-All, complete with a demo and history lesson, and party hats. This year… who knows? But there will be MORE OF IT.

Anne Sauer with four etched bottles in the Skepchick party room for CONvergence 2013. Photo by Jamie Bernstein.

If you love nerdy, geeky people, costumes, science, booze, and think that they are all great tastes that taste great together, you belong at SkepchickCon with us. I hope to see you there!
–  Skepchick resident mixologist Anne Sauer

Science activities and demos all day long! All ages welcome!*a skeleton wearing a multicolored lei and a folded paper hat with the Mad Art Lab logo on it. Photo by Jamie Bernstein.

There will be awesome experiments, skeptical salons, interesting discussions and, inevitably, spontaneous dancing. (Spontaneity will be unscheduled.) Seriously, there will be good stuff happening from noon until we fall asleep on the floor on Thursday, Friday and Saturday. Come on in!

*Evening activities may be more appropriate for an older subset of “all ages.” Alcohol will be served on the balcony. Donations are welcome and appreciated.


 12:00 Hot air balloon science
with Leah Weaver
What make hot air balloons fly? Is it magic or just a bunch of hot air? Come see for yourself!
A “light activity”
with Dan Berliner
If you’re going to travel faster than light, you should learn about light first! Come for demonstrations of how light works and how astronomers use it to learn about the cosmos.
A “light activity”
with Dan Berliner
If you’re going to travel faster than light, you should learn about light first! Come for demonstrations of how light works and how astronomers use it to learn about the cosmos.
 1:00 Hot air balloon craft
with Leah Weaver
We’ll supply the paper and string, you bring your imagination!
Make a catapult
with Nicole Gugliucci
Nothing brings physics to life quite like hurling projectiles at your friends. Come make your own tiny siege weapon! (Projectiles will be pompoms. Seriously, bring the kiddos!)
Make a spaceship craft hour
with Leah Weaver
“How do we get there?” By spaceship, of course! Bring your inner spaceship designer for this sci-fi craft hour!
 2:00 Making comets
with Nicole Gugliucci
Would you like to know what comets are made of? Find out by making one! Join expert comet-maker and astronomy professor Nicole Gugliucci for this popular and out-of-this-world demonstration!
Make your own kaleidoscope
with Amanda Mather
Explore light, reflection, and symmetry as you make a kaleidoscope of your own design.
Building bridges out of straws
with Topher Hunter
What’s the difference between an arch and suspension bridge? What makes a bridge strong? Build a bridge with us and see how much weight it will hold!
 3:00 Periodic table bingo!
How well do you know your elements? Match clues and element names to the chemical symbols on your bingo card and win prizes. All ages welcome.
 4:00 Paper airplane cargo challenge
with Shahv Press
Can you make a paper airplane that will glide across the room? Will it hold cargo for the trip? Who can carry the most cargo the farthest? Come make paper airplanes and find out what it’s like to fly real ones!
Sustainable transportation salon
with Ryan Consell
The dawn of the self-driving car raises questions about what sustainable, accessible, and high-speed transportation alternatives we’ll also need. What can we learn from imagined urban spaces in the sci-fi universe, and how could these ideas work on Earth?
Wind powered cars
with Leah Weaver
Make a turbine and use it to give a toy car wind-power. Use your imagination and trial and error to make your car the fastest! We’ll also be making craft cars with sails so that the little kids can play too!
 5:00 Coffee, coloring, and quiet time
Looking for a little down time? Join us for some quiet crafting. We’ll supply the crayons, construction paper, and coffee.
 6:00 PARTY TIME! 
Meet new friends and hang out with old ones. Be impressed by our SciArt art and decor! Earn your own Space Lab ribbon! Rock the night away on our dance floor! Buzzed Aldrins are out on the balcony for those 21+.