Quiz-O-Tron 9000


Hosted by Rebecca Watson, quizlets to be announced!

Rebecca Watson's Quiz-O-Tron

Tickets will be available beginning in June

Quiz-o-Tron is a high-tech, low-down science-themed panel quiz show starring talented comedians and learned scientists who compete for nothing but the admiration of their peers. Past guests include Bill Corbett of RiffTrax, Doc Hammer of Venture Brothers, musician Molly Lewis, and Dr. Phil Plait of Bad Astronomy, and audience interaction is encouraged.

Proceeds benefit SkepchickCon, the fun and enlightening science panels at CONvergence.

Want to know more about Quiz-O-Tron? Well, you asked for it…

Highlights from the 2014 Quiz-O-Tron at the Bryant Lake Bowl

Quiz-O-Tron trophy belt. Designed by Brian George, crafted by Ryan ConsellI AM the Quiz-O-Tron CHAMPION!!!
“Every year, a fierce battle takes place. Only those with steely disposition, brave hearts, and sharp brains can withstand it. It is not for the faint of heart, for those of us who survive will eat the souls of the losers….”

Dragon*Con Wrap Up – 2012
As I tried to locate the room, I wondered what panel all the people in line were waiting for. When I found the room, DragonCon volunteers told me the line was for Quiz-o-Tron, and some people had been waiting two hours.”